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I seriously say this all the time for no reason at all.

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That escalated idiotically.

thats what she gets for wearing crocs

let this be a warning

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I would love to spend a few days with xanderbear… Seriously!



Minimalist Market by Mehmet Gozetlik.

This project focuses on simplifying common brands that we see in our markets today. Which versions do you prefer ?

Out of the four pictured here, I almost universally prefer the middle options; I find the true minimalist option to be rather pleasing, but from a marketing perspective far too bare to attract any attention, though the packaging could do without the rather garish designs (see, modern Pringles tubes). However I will admit that I do vastly prefer the plain blue-and-white Red Bull can, which has enough class to stand out by itself. Although that does mean we’d be missing the “red bull” in Red Bull, but……..

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holy fuck

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